Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Neither Heavy nor Metal

I was looking through my early Heavy Metal mags recently, and got to considering the evolution of the book's covers over the years. I hadn't consciously realized just how lame they had become, starting in the mid-90s. (I bought my last ish of HM sometime in 2001 or 2002 because I just found most of its content uninteresting. I never really gave it much thought, though.) It amazes me how the likes of Olivia, Luis Royo, Julie Bell, and their imitators have managed to take the life out of the once fantastic art that adorned these covers, replacing it with naught more than scantily clad, wooden-posed women (obviously based very closely on photographs of real-life models).

Does anybody remember when artists knew the human body and could illustrate it without visually copying from a photo? (Sure, many of the greats used photos, but only for inspiration, not as actual blueprints.) Or when HM didn't just slap on its covers boring paintings of women standing/sitting around?

Turns out that my old-school sensibilities don't apply just to my game preferences - they apply to my fantasy/sci fi art preferences, as well.

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Gorgonmilk said...

I think your assessment of the current state of Heavy Metal is pretty accurate. It's become predictable and tedious. Luckily there are great alternatives -- like the work of Tim Sievert, for example.


Christopher B said...

That's an awesome web comic - I don't know how I've missed it 'til now. Thanks for sharing the link. :D

Jan said...

Is don't know about metal at that much, but just yesterday my girlfriend and I were watching a 90ies documentation on YouTube about the life threatening influences of heavy metal music (which pop up at least once in every century, I guess). The scripts from music videos shown there were so much more interesting than those videos today. Maybe it's just a general thing that the creativity is decreasing since there is so much to copy from and so small room for real new thing after all those years?

Tedankhamen said...

Oglaf reminds me of old Metal Hurlant Moebius a bit - especially in color scheme and clean lines, plus fantasy elements. The humorous and erotic bits are like Manera. Not as epic in storyline, of course, but close at points. http://oglaf.com/skulls/1/

You do know the French are producing a live-action Heavy Metal Chronicles TV series?