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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not... dead... yet...

Contrary to appearances, the Rust Monster has not passed beyond the veil - there's still a little life left in the old girl yet, I promise.

Although 2010's mostly been a wash for me as far as blogging (and gaming) goes, I'm hoping that the imminent move will help rejuvenate me (and help me expand my social circle - okay, so it's more of an arc than a circle at the moment, but I'm hoping this will improve when I no longer live in the boonies). It may be 2011 before I resume blogging on a regular basis, but I remain hopeful nonetheless.

While doing a little Web surfing recently, I found myself drawn to some older sites (and games) I hadn't visited/thought about for quite some time. One of these games was Metropolis' Kult, an old favorite that I've not had nearly enough opportunities to run and have never had the opportunity to play. I got to thinking that maybe - after the move - I'd dust off my books and give the game another go. I also took a glance through my old PC files, and discovered a modified version of the character sheet I posted early last year. As proof that the Rust Monster yet draws breath, I thought I'd share:

Kult 1E Char Sheet 2a.pdf (~6MB)
. . . . .